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Human Resources

Human Resources 

The Europac Group trains and develops its people in accordance with the Company’s vision, mission, values and strategic cornerstones, and with the individual needs of each business.

What makes the group stand out most is its ability to attract, retain and develop the professional talent of its human capital, the main resource enabling it to innovate, anticipate the demands of an ever-changing market, endure over time and become the industry leader.

The Human Resources team aims to develop certain skills and abilities among the 2,100 people that make up the Europac Group so that they can:

  • Disseminate and share internal best practices and knowledge across countries and divisions

  • Facilitate internal communication and cultural integration

  • Allow for an HR management based on a structure that is coherent, equitable and aligned with the business

  • Align the skills, selection, internal promotion policies and development initiatives with the group’s strategic targets

  • Create the necessary conditions for people to become involved in the Company’s overall project

  • Develop the careers of young employees through the necessary programmes and tools